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Event tourism in Lviv

Lviv is always rich in events, festivals, cultural and entertainment. We will take care that you will not miss anything, and your trip was as comfortable and cognitive as possible - to choose and book a hotel or a hostel, to book a table in an interesting restaurant, to visit an interesting tour, to organize a transfer - for nothing is impossible;)

We live and work in the beautiful city of Lviv and know how nobody is that the city is more beautiful than anywhere else in the world! As real lovers, we want to boast of them, admire and tell about his charm. Lions are mysterious, full of art, music, incredible architecture, and the most important thing is its atmosphere! The atmosphere of the holiday with a light note of nostalgic blues, the atmosphere of aesthetic pleasure with the smell of coffee and chocolate, the atmosphere of existential thinking with the aroma of book pages, well, the atmosphere of a crowded beer festival for him is not a novelty))) With all our love and trepidation, we have collected excursion programs for you and tours to Lviv, excursions to Lviv, weekend tours or one-day programs, where we will show you our Lviv - something that is open to all and what we only know. Lviv belongs to the little-known cities of Eastern Europe, where you can feel "modern Columbus." Here you can discover the pearls of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, which harmoniously combine with the Ukrainian cultural tradition, because the ancient Lviv is not like any city in the world.

You can also get acquainted with our tours in Lviv and all over Ukraine on our new GoUkraine  site.

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