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Lviv on taste (gourmet trip)

Gastronomic tour, specially designed by us for lovers of life - beauty, comfort and delicious food. The best establishments of Lviv, delicious Galician cuisine, avtysrian desserts, thick black coffee with a light, French goat cheese, wine and leisurely pleasure.

Tour program

1 day

Arrival in Lviv. Meeting with the representative of the "Cruise Pleist" company. Admission to the hotel in accordance with the rules of the hotel.

Walking excursion "Kneipamy of Lviv or Conceptual Restaurants". After an excursion you can have lunch in one of the kneipp (optional from 150 UAH / person)


Free time.

Pedestrian excursion "Coffee Lviv"

Free time 

OPTIONAL Theatrical excursion "Night Varda" Who walks nightlife Lviv? Who keeps the city and from whom? Lviv may wander the lost spirit. A sad, rabid or angered ghost of the night, and maybe this buggy batyar can not be missed with knaipa .;) In any case, you need to help. "Night Watch" controls everything. (duration 2 hours, cost 170 UAH / person)


day 2 

Departure from the hotel. We leave things in the hotel room or in the luggage room in the city center.

10:30 Outdoor excursion White horns mon cheri. A one-day tour from Lviv to the French goat farm "Shevret", which is served by the Belgian, is a place where beautiful goat cheese is produced. You will have the opportunity not only to walk with a herd of goats, to get acquainted with cheese making process, to take part in the process of care and feeding animals on the farm, but also to complete a tasting of a bouquet of various goat cheese - cheese, wine and fruits in the bosom of nature. Leaving the farm you can buy cheese and meat for later!

On the way to Lviv a lunch stop is possible.

Return to Lviv at the train station or downtown (optional)

Free time.

Departure from Lviv.


  The tour price includes:

• Accommodation at the hotel

• Inbound tickets to excursions

• Excursions on the program

• Tasting on a goat farm - cheese, wine and fruit

• Transfer to the program of the next day

• Helping guide throughout the program

The tour price does not include:

• Transfer to the train station-hotel-train station

• Nutrition

• Optional programs

• Personal expenses

• public transportation


Cost per person (for group 5 persons) 1675 UAH