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If you are interested in traveling to different parts of our country and the world, creating tours, their conduct and work with them - then we invite you to cooperation!

During 10 years we have been successfully working in the tourism sector and making dreams of our tourists, whose number is constantly growing, possible. We are dedicated to quality work and creation of value for our tourists. We are also opened to a long-term partnership that will contribute to our common growth and a mutual success.

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Regarding cooperation, please call:

tel: +38 (032) 261 10 69 
fax: +38 (032) 261 49 73 
+ 38 (067) 37 04 098


Our Address:

79005, Lviv

Doroshenko Street 29

Kopernika Street 22/14


+38 (032) 261 10 69, 

Fax: +38 (032) 261 49 73



Our managers who are happy to arrange your holiday, trip or tour:

Natalita Didyk (tours around Lviv, tours around Ukraine, exotics)


skype: cruise.planet1