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A delicious eco-tour, memorable with scenic views of the Carpathian Mountains and authentic settlements. Visit the eco-farms to taste Transcarpathian delicacies, as well as relax in the pools with thermal and therapeutic water.

Enjoy the tour: 2 days

Route of tour: Lviv - Kolochava - Mukachevo - Berehovo - Botar (museum-lekvar) - Nizhne Selyshche - Isa - Lviv

In the tour we will be: 20.10, 10.11. 24.11

Cost per person: 1135 UAH / person.


Tour program

1 day.  Gathering a group and meeting with a travel company representative " CRUISE PLANET" .

8.00 departure from Lviv. Behind the remains are the summits of Lviv cathedrals, in the front - adventures, adventures, and again ADVENTURE :) Moving to Kolochava. Excursion to museums. Walk the most beautiful village in Transcarpathia. Lunch. We go to Mukachevo. Excursion program, free time. Photo and purchase of souvenirs. Transfer to thermal pools in Beregovo. Tasting and purchasing Transcarpathian wines. With the sea of ​​positive emotions and moral satisfaction, moving and settling. Sweet dreams and a new tourist morning :))

2 days 8.00 breakfast. Eviction. Let`s go to Botar village. Visiting the museum - lekvara, tasting Transcarpathian jam. Next stop Nizhne Selyshche. Cheese tasting. The last stop in our tour will be v.Iza. Visiting the center of wicker-harness in Transcarpathia. With a luggage of pleasant memories and lots of little things in return for a trip to Lviv we return! * P.S. and here you can already say that it was still worth all the efforts and attachments :)))

The tour price includes:

  • transport service according to the program
  • support by the representative of the firm
  • excursion service on the program
  • accommodation 1 night
  • medical insurance for a group

The tour price does not include:

  • entrance tickets to tourist facilities
  • food
  • thermal pools
  • tasting of wines
  • tasting cheese
  • tasting jam
  • own expenses 

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